Wedding fun casinos

A Stick or Twist mobile fun casino is a superb way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. They’re an ideal icebreaker for family and/or friends who may not have met until your ‘big day’ and so help to create a wonderful atmosphere.

Suitable for all ages, a Stick or Twist fun casino can be tailored to fit with your wedding day, including personalised ‘fun money’ with pictures of the bride and groom on. These also double up nicely as mementos of your wedding day for your guests to take home.

We also offer flexible timings to suit your personal wedding day. Fun casinos can be hired to offer entertainment during the evening reception, for those guests who prefer not to dance. Mobile casinos are also perfect to fill the gap between your ceremony and wedding breakfast or the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Equally they can be utilised to keep your guests entertained whilst photographs of the wedding party are being taken. Taking the stress and worry of the wellbeing of your guests away.

Worried that not all your guests will know how to play the casino games? This isn’t a problem. Our croupiers, throughout the gaming period, can provide instruction and guidance to anyone who requests it. Turning even the most inexperience guest into a casino aficionado.

At Stick or Twist fun casinos we appreciate that you want your big day to run as smoothly as possible and that you want to relax and enjoy your wedding day. With this in mind we always finalise arrangements well in advance so that on the day we can arrive, set up and eventually leave with the minimum amount of disruption possible.