Corporate Fun Casino

Launching a new product? Hosting an event for potential new clients? Having a party for your staff? Stick or Twist fun casinos will provide exciting and memorable entertainment for your event.

We only use high quality, full sized casino equipment and our croupiers are all fully trained, professional and fun. At Stick or Twist we can also tailor our fun casinos to fit the requirements of your event, including personalising the ‘fun money’ with your corporate logo.

A fun casino is perfect entertainment for your staff Christmas party or for the party at the end of your company conference. Fun and interactive entertainment, a fun casino is an ideal way to get guests, clients and employees talking in a relaxed and good-humoured atmosphere.

Worried that not all your guests will know how to play the casino games? This isn’t a problem. Our croupiers, throughout the gaming period, can provide instruction and guidance to anyone who requests it. Turning even the most inexperience guest into a casino aficionado.